A Crashing Success!

By Lauren Nguyen

Published May 7, 2005

(caution: this review may contain spoilers!)

Free on a Friday night? If not, make time for the spectacular new release of CRASH, a crime drama that will engage you in every scene, every word,  and every gesture. It is a must see movie that is truly and inspiration to change for the better as it shows the terrible faults of society. It is one of the finer film of this year that certainly deserves a nomination for an Academy award.

CRASH deals with the lives of several individuals who are from all different backgrounds and gives the audience a deeper sense into the racial divides of society. Within the course of three days, this film documents how the daily lives of complete strangers can simply “CRASH” into each one another. As you watch the film, you will be enthralled with the utter honesty that is explored- Paul Haggis, the director, does not sugarcoat any aspect of the film, rather he gives you the raw facts and lets the audience make up its own opinions. We examine and are able to understand more how racial stereotypes are formed and the urgent need to find a solution. All different ethnicities are represented in the film, from African Americans, whites, Iranians, Latino and Mexican, which gives the plot all the more complexity. Trust me, there are many twists and turns of the plot that will keep you from falling asleep in your chair. This film was very satisfying and though movie tickets are soaring these days, the ten dollars or so spent on watching the film is very worthwhile.

I applaud this movie not only for the significant influence it had on my own perspectives, but also for the magnificent cast that portrayed such heart-felt and realistic roles. The casting director of this film certainly did his job well because the characters were executed with perfection. The cast included actors and actresses such as Thandie Newton, Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, and the undiscovered actor who is more famously known for his music, Chris Bridges. Those are only a few of the cast members that truly engaged the audience with their raw emotional appeal which made the film a work of art. Thandie Newton, cast as a director’s wife, really explored her barriers as an actress.  She was my favorite actress out of the sea of renown actors, but they all performed very well. All of the emotions the actors displayed really made the scenes come to life and made the film all the more realistic.

So is CRASH a go see? It’s much more that that- it’s a MUST SEE! CRASH is a movie that will truly change the way one views society and it provides inspiration to all who see it.

Rating: Thumbs Up!


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