Writer’s Memo

Writer’s Memo
The medium that I have chosen for the RIP Project is a website, which I thought would be geared towards my intended audience that are aged 18-30 years, who are more technologically savvy nowadays. I created my “website” using wordpress.com, which is a popular blog site that people use to express their opinions about whatever is on their mind. By doing so, I am able to attract a wider audience since so many people use this website to blog and surf for new ideas. The overall appearance of the website is modern and minimal and I included the picture of CRASH on the top so that it would attract people who are interested in reading about this movie. The Internet is quick and easy to access, whereas other movie reviews featured in newspapers or magazines would be more difficult to find. So, many people would like this website because not only is it easy to access, but it is also straightforward and it provides different movie reviews from a magnitude of newspapers. This means that viewers no longer have to buy all of the other reading material-newspapers and magazines-but simply need the computer to read it all from the comfort of their own home. Internet is also accessible to people worldwide, not just in the United States, so even people outside of the states can enjoy the website. Not only that, but this website allows viewers to post comments on the reviews or anything posted in the site, which enables them to be interactive and gain more information from people other than the author of the article.
I mostly geared this website, ThumbsUpOrDown.com, towards a young, but mature audience because I think that the movie that I chose to review, CRASH, is a very modern film which mostly appeals to them. Also, most people aged 18-30 years watch films and I find that a lot of times, I, myself, like to look over the movie reviews to see if it is worth my time. Also, many younger to middle aged people are more interested in blogging, so this way, they would enjoy the site much more since they would be given that opportunity to share their ideas of the film and read other people’s comments as well. The newspaper articles that I selected for my ethos range from being conservative, like The Science Christian Monitor, to more liberal, such as The New York Times. By providing a wider range to select from, viewers can choose their preference and they are not isolated to just one point of view.
The ethe that I selected were all from newspaper and professional authors. All of them are movie critics for their respective newspapers. For example, I built the ethos of The New York Times author by making the critique more conversational, which I saw from the articles online. Their articles were very personable and allowed the audience to get a sense of the author’s personality too, which is what I did for that specific article. The New York Times, recognized as being a more liberal news source would most likely praise the CRASH for it’s cutting edge themes and messages. Therefore, I made the review geared towards these elements. Also, the New York Times is not afraid to put honest opinions in their articles, so although I overall praised the film, I also included some areas of improvement and mistakes of the director, Paul Haggis.
For the Christian Science Monitor, my ethos was that of a more conservative point of view. I related CRASH to morality and pointed out the moral themes and aspects that were portrayed in the film. Also, from the Twilight article by the Christian Science Monitor, I noticed that the author focused more on the visual aesthetics of the film, which is what I did as well. I made sure to note the setting, characterization of people, and cinematography of the film. The Christian Science Monitor would most likely not focus on the controversial aspects of the film, since it is a more conservative source. I also included a warning to those who may not be aware of the contents within the film and stated that it does include some scenes of nudity and criminal activity. Overall, I made this article more concerned with the aesthetics and morals of the film.
The last review that I did was for Entertainment Weekly and for this article; I tried to be as personable as possible to build an authentic ethos for this publication. I saw from the articles that I browsed online that Entertainment Weekly provided a lot of the author’s opinion and focused a lot on the acting abilities within the film, so this is what I did in my own article as well. The audience for this is probably a more mature audience, most likely around the age of 25-40 years old. This publication is very popular amongst that crowd of people and it is more sophisticated and geared towards people who are interested with pop culture.


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